The project proposes the creation of an innovative tool to encourage interactivity in the AudIT lecture, which will have properties that are not found in currently available tools for checking knowledge and interaction. It will combine known features and adapt them to the needs of students and teachers. Innovative features such as scoring unique answers, the possibility for the student to answer both anonymously and under his own name at the same time, the possibility to direct the answers to any application such as mind maps and games will significantly increase the motivation of students to actively participate in the lecture.

A series of innovative solutions will make it easier for teachers to use the tool regardless of their educational situation, environment and technological equipment. The innovativeness of the tool is that its use will not require maintenance or expansion of server resources when it is used by a very large number of users.

To make it easier for teachers to use AudIT, the consortium partners will also create LMS (Learning Management System) with methodical instructions and examples. The LMS system will be designed as a self-learning material and will provide teachers with additional education and ideas on how to improve interactivity in classes using AudIT.

AudIT will be accompanied by interactive expert systems for use (text, recordings, video - designed as a decision tree that will guide teachers simply and easily to the answers) and an interactive expert system for installation (if teachers want to have a copy of AudIT on its own server - for reliability, adding functionality or privacy of students' answers and questions).
The project's website will contain text and video instructions, an expert system, and a database of good practices as well as an address book of more experienced practitioners ready to help new interested teachers. To find more about the project, click on this LINK!